The simplest and cheapest form of protection against negative influences from nature, such as rain, wind, hail and night frost. are the roofs from AgrowSer. Constructions that are custom produced in-house.

Fruit shelters

AgrowSer designs and supplies fruit shelters and protective structures for fruit and berry cultivation. It often concerns customization. The hoods are often 4.0m wide, with 4.5m sections. We also offer standard fruit canopies with a roll cover,
that is stored in the rolled-up state in the aluminum ridge profile of the construction. The fabric is attached to the tube construction with special hooks and is therefore taut in all weather conditions. Rainwater is drained via a stitched
mesh edge.

Fruit shelters are easy to build yourself, possibly with the support of the experienced AgrowSer assembly team.


The Ventrio fruit cover has in principle been developed for fruit cultivation, based on a standard fruit cover, but this type is also extremely suitable for bedding plants, floriculture and tree nursery products. Due to the hood adjustment, this construction offers more light, more air and possibilities for automation.

The Ventrio is also produced by the AgrowSer factory in Velddriel in the Netherlands.

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