AgrowSer has been specialized in designing and producing custom poly greenhouses for more than 15 years. In the design of each project, we take into account installations that may need to be processed in the greenhouse, such as screen installations and insect netting systems. In this way, third-party installations can be efficiently integrated into the structure of our greenhouse or tunnel. AgrowSer poly greenhouses are composed of high-quality materials, resulting in a long service life.

Multispan Foil greenhouse

The Multispan Foil Greenhouse is especially suitable for larger projects. Standard roof widths of 6.40m, 8.00m, 9.60m and 12.80m are possible, but on request we also produce different sizes in-house.

Based on the wishes of the client, a construction of trusses is designed and calculated. Both round and gothic arch shapes are used, the roof can be provided with a single or double-sided ridge ventilation and side ventilation systems, roller walls and doors can be installed in the facades. In addition, almost any door shape is available.

Convertible Foil greenhouse

The AgrowSer Cabriolet Foil Greenhouse is used for various crops, such as outdoor vegetables, tree nursery products and cut lilies. It is precisely the possibility to grow partly outdoors, at moments to be determined by themselves, that appeals to more and more growers.

This greenhouse construction has undergone enormous development in recent years. The steel construction has been modified so that the technical lifespan has been considerably extended and the aluminum profiles have been completely newly developed, resulting in a watertight hood.

VDH poly greenhouses

In the spring of 2020 we signed an agreement for the takeover of VDH Foliekassen, a renowned developer and builder of high-quality foil greenhouses.

We will continue to operate independently with our own name and product range, as well as VDH Foil Greenhouses, but through the collaboration we can now also offer foil greenhouses based on Venlo steel constructions with hood systems, which means we can offer our clients a wider choice.
for more information about VDH Foil Greenhouses products, click here.

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